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July 20, 2011 - Financial Unit Liaison Meeting

8:30-10:30 A,M.
2029 and 2043 Kipke Conference Center, Campus Safety Services Building

Meeting Agenda
Welcome & Introductions
Presented by: Margaret Loveless, ITS

Fund Group Changes - 15 min
Presented by: Jarrod Van Kirk, Financial Operations

Jarrod Van Kirk, Financial Operations, is looking for feedback about possible Fund Group changes.

Download Presentation: PowerPoint | PDF

Effort Certification Process - 20 min
Presented by: Cheryl Soper, Financial Operations

Cheryl Soper, Financial Operations, will provide an overview of the annual effort certification process, including upcoming key dates and best practices.

Download Handouts: July 8 E-mail to Staff | July 8 E-mail to HR Administrators

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Financials/Physical Resources v.9.1 Upgrade - 60 min
Presented by:
Pam Fons, ITS; Jackie Creager, ITS; & Lori Deromedi, ITS

Pam Fons, Jackie Creager, and Lori Deromedi, ITS, will provide an update on the upgrade process as we near go-live on August 9; including business continuity information during the service interruption, contingency plans, and new change management information to prepare units.

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Procurement Services Business Processes during the Financials/Physical Resources Upgrade Weekend: - 10 min
Presented by:
Robin Campbell, Procurement Services

Robin Campbell, Procurement Services, will share information and options about buying/paying/cash advance/reimbursement, etc., during the system interruption.

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Announcements, Wrap-up and Adjourn - 5 min