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Real-Time Financials: Consulting & Training Resources

Learn more about the reports, transactions, and processes involved with Real-Time Financials.

Real-Time Financials Consulting

RTF ConsultantsITS Financial Business System Analysts (FIN BSAs) would like to meet with you to discuss how your unit can best utilize the RTF toolkit options and other reporting options (e.g., M-Reports, BusinessObjects).

Contact the ITS Service Center to arrange a free, individualized meeting for your unit.

To encourage SOA reconcilers and others in your unit to learn about Real-Time Financials Toolkit options, post the RTF flyer in your office.




RTF Documentation

The table below contains links to various resources associated with Real-Time Financials by their location.

Location Resource Description
ITS Web site Financial Data Dictionary Provides detailed information about summary estimate, eReconciliation, UDC, and Reporting Budget Ledger data for ad-hoc reporting purposes using the U-M Data Warehouse
Financial Aid/Student Financials Data Dictionary
Provides detailed information about payroll, benefit, and financial aid estimates data for ad-hoc reporting purposes using the U-M Data Warehouse.
Human Resources Data Dictionary

eReconciliation procedures* Provides system instructions, training classes, and business process information about using this functionality in M-Pathways.
Unit-defined Commitment procedures*
Reporting Budget Ledger procedure*
General Ledger Reporting Instructor-led course providing basic information about Statement of Activity reconciling.
M-Reports Report Library Provides descriptions of the U-M Maintained BusinessObjects reports that contain estimate data. Search the directory using a keyword of “estimate.”

* You must have the appropriate system access to complete transactions in M-Pathways.

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