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Quick Facts

Target Retirement Date: April 22, 2013

Target FINPROD Outage: April 20-21, 2013

During the FINPROD outage, Cash Receipt Tickets and HSIP will be unavailable. FINODS will be available to view or report on data, although the data will be current only through Friday, April 19.

FINODS reports (e.g., Statements of Activity) will become available in FINPROD.

PS Queries that were created in FINODS will be migrated to FINPROD.

The Financial data sets in the DataWarehouse will be available during the outage.

M-Pathways Reporting: FINODS Retirement

Infrastructure (i.e., hardware/software) improvements are giving U-M the opportunity to discontinue the Financial Operational Data Store (FINODS) reporting environment.

What does this mean for me & my unit?

  • If you currently run reports and PS Queries from M-Pathways Financial & Physical Resources (FINPROD), there is no change.
  • If you run reports and PS Queries from FINODS, there is a slight navigation change. The Faculty & Staff tab on Wolverine Access will be updated to support this change.
  • When FINODS is retired, all users' access in FINPROD will automatically be updated to give them the same reporting tools and options they had in FINODS. There is no need to request new or additional access in FINPROD. Going forward, all new access requests for FINPROD roles will include all reporting tools (i.e., nVision, SQR, and Crystal report types) -- they do not need to be explicitly requested.

As of the retirement date, on the Wolverine Access Faculty & Staff tab:

  • FINODS & FINPROD links will be removed from the Reporting menu
  • Access financial and space management reports and public and private PS Queries from the M-Pathways Financial & Physical Resources system.
    Wolverine Access University Business Menu with Financials System Selected

Your FINODS Run Control IDs will not be transferred to FINPROD. You may need to re-establish Run Control IDs in FINPROD. For instructions on creating a Run Control ID, see the M-Pathways Run Control ID Information reference document.

PS QUERY Creators

Now is a good time to review your PS Queries in FINODS and delete those you no longer use! PS Queries will be migrated the weekend of April 20th.

Communications Archive

All communications regarding the FINODS retirement can be viewed in the communications archive.