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ChartField Combination

ChartFields are the seven fields in the M-Pathways system that record the financial data for the University. Individually, each field is called a ChartField (e.g., the Account ChartField). When used collectively in a financial transaction or viewed on a report, these fields are referred to as a ChartField combination.

ChartField Combination - Business Unit (Where), Fund (How), Department (who), Class (why), Program (reporting tool), Project/Grant (reporting tool), Account (what)

The seven ChartFields work together to describe a specific financial activity for your department: whether they are used to purchase an item, to record the usage of your department's space, or to report financial data.

ChartField Shortcuts

ChartField shortcuts in ePro reqIn M-Pathways, some fields are designed to default corresponding ChartField values into the transaction to reduce data entry.
For procurement, these fields include:

  • Category (Account)
  • SpeedChart (ShortCode)

A ShortCode is a six-digit number that represent a portion of a ChartField combination. ShortCodes may be used in M-Pathways procurement transactions and are used for payroll transactions and in Concur. They are not used in the M-Pathways General Ledger and, therefore, do not appear on financial reports.

ChartField Converter

To interpret financial reports (e.g., Statements of Activity), you need to translate your ShortCodes into their equivalent ChartField combinations using the ChartField Converter. The converter is available in two locations.

  • In M-Pathways:  The Map ShortCodes page is the official converter.  It is updated as soon as a ShortCode is created in the system and allows a “reverse” lookup (e.g., Project/Grant to ShortCode).  Instructions are available in My LINC.
  • On the ITS Web site:  The Web ChartField Converter provides a ShortCode to ChartField combination conversion only.  This converter is updated nightly, Monday-Friday.

Training & Resources

The table below lists various ChartField resources by their location:

Location Resource            Description
My LINC CFE101: Introduction to ChartFields - The Basics eLearning courses about the use of each ChartField in financial transactions and reporting.

Click the link to go to the Activity page, then click Register.
CFE201: Intermediate ChartFields
"Run a report" procedures Provides instructions to run any M-Pathways report, including the ChartField Valid Value reports.

Click the link to go to the Activity page, then click Start to open the resource.
M-Pathways Valid Value reports to
M-Pathways > Main Menu > Reporting Tools > GL Reports
Lists active values and their descriptions for the Account, Class, Department, or Fund ChartFields.
ChartField pages Look up the description and other information for a specific ChartField value.
BusinessObjects FN06 Procurement Active Category Listing Lists which procurement Category code maps to which Account value by:
  • Category to Account
  • Account to Category
  • Category by M-marketsite commodity price
Financial Operations Valid Account List Provides a list of active Account values beginning with 4, 5, and 6 with their definition and Fund usage information.
ChartField Requests Provides instructions to add or change ChartField and ShortCode values for your unit or project/grant.