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Overview of Document Imaging Services at U-M

ITS Document Imaging Services provides complete, centralized document imaging and management services. These services include scanning paper documents and filing images in a secure environment for electronic retrieval, as well as paper document retention and/or destruction services. Technical support is also available if you want to scan your own documents.

ImageNow and WebNow: Imaging Software at U-M

The U-M centralized document imaging system uses ImageNow and WebNow software.

  • ImageNow is used to scan printed documents and store them as electronic documents in a secure online environment.
  • WebNow is used to retrieve electronic documents that were created using ImageNow.

Benefits of Document Imaging

Your Needs
Benefits of Document Imaging

Keep documents that must be retained for business purposes   - Free up valuable office space
  - Archive records efficiently
  - Increase document security
  - Satisfy government regulations

Obtain specific information as soon as possible   - Retrieve information in seconds
  - Increase productivity
  - Improve customer service
  - improve decision making

Avoid problems due to missing records

  - Eliminate misfiles, lost records, or out-of-file documents
  - Increase productivity
  - Minimize work disruptions
  - Reduce liability

Provide easy remote file access   - Save copying costs
  - Allow multiple users simultaneous access to same document

Reduce discovery process costs   - Reduce litigation risks
  - Satisfy document retention regulations

For More Information and Assistance

  • More information about document imaging is available to help you use ImageNow or WebNow. The links on Document Management and Imaging Services will help you get started, obtain documentation, and so on.
  • If you need additional help accessing or using ImageNow or WebNow, please contact the ITS Help Desk (phone: 734-936-7000; e-mail: maishelpdesk@umich.edu).
  • To discuss your unit's document imaging needs and learn more about imaging services, send e-mail to 4help@umich.edu.