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Imaging Issues with Student Applications: Status Updates

List of Issues

Tuesday, 11/09/2010

  • The conversion tool upgrade implemented on Friday has helped reduce or eliminate black/blank pages and other performance issues. However, it has resulted in unexpected problems, including an inability to annotate or manipulate images in ImageNow. ITS is changing the conversion software to settings recommended by the vendor. Images will also be imported in grayscale. The imaging import for Tuesday was stopped and will be processed once the configuration changes are made. ITS is investigating the best method for cleaning up the images that were imported on Monday.
  • The data file from CollegeNet resulted in an error today. ITS and CollegeNet are investigating the error, which may be related to form changes CollegeNet implemented to deal with imaging problems.
  • See the List of Issues for for information on the CollegeNet imaging problems.

Monday, 11/08/2010

  • CommonApp continues to be stable. Offices should continue to report any problems they may find to the ITS Help Desk.
  • Going forward, the ITS conference calls will focus on the remaining issues with CollegeNet. See the List of Issues for a detailed update.

Friday, 11/05/2010

  • A new Imaging conversion tool is in place. This tool should resolve black/blank pages, process hanging occurrences, and other errors. It also improves the readability of files and converts color PDFs to color TIFFs.
  • CollegeNet and ITS continue to meet to discuss imaging problems. See the List of Issues for a detailed update.

Thursday, 11/04/2010

  • ITS has finished processing a large file from CommonApp. The Search/Match process took hours longer than normal. ITS is looking into reports that images from that file may not have matched. The long process time may also have caused checklists not to update today.
  • ITS has met twice with CollegeNet to resolve imaging issues, and those meetings will continue. See the List of Issues for a detailed update.

Wednesday, 11/03/2010

  • ITS is working with CollegeNet on a plan and timeline for resolution of identified issues. Another conference call with CollegeNet is scheduled for later today.
  • ITS received the largest file to date from Common App on Monday, 11/1. About 1/2 of those files were loaded today and should be available for the offices to work tomorrow. ITS is looking into why files from 11/1 that were posted on 11/2 early were not available for the admitting offices this morning as expected.
  • Reminder that conversion software implementation is scheduled during the normal maintenance window on Saturday, 11/6 and should have no impact on admitting offices working over the weekend.

Tuesday, 11/02/2010

  • ITS continues to monitor and process any errors with PDF files behind the scenes daily to ensure documents received are available to Admitting Offices.  The team is confident that all images we receive from the vendors are being processed. 
  • Three specific situations have been identified with files coming from CollegeNet. See Vendor Issues for details.
  • There have been reports of vendors passing files with unacceptable file formats, for example files without a file extension. If an office discovers this type of problem, please contact CollegeNet directly and forward their response to with details of the problem.
  • Applications and imaged documents from CommonApp are coming in correctly. Offices should be aware that while the CommonApp files are loaded in the morning, the search/match/post process runs in the evening. This may result in a delay in matching imaged documents with applications.

Monday, 11/01/2010

  • A problem was reported by Common App that caused School Forms not to be sent with applications. These files are now being downloaded and processed by ITS. It will take one to two days for all of these files to be processed.
  • ITS is still on track to implement a new conversion tool during the maintenance window on 11/6/10.
  • List of issues: Details & Status

Friday, 10/29/2010

  • ITS plans to implement a new conversion tool during the regular maintenance window the weekend of 11/6/10. This tool has been tested and shown to reduce or eliminate existing problems, including black/blank pages, images failing to convert and import errors.
  • ITS has narrowed down missing images to about 1000. ITS is currently looking at reports from the vendors to determine what should have been imported to what has been imported. This is helping ITS to determine common causes for these missing images in order to work with the vendor to eliminate them.
  • ITS reminded offices to work through suspense records regularly. There are records in suspense dated back to Sept. 27. Without these applications in the system, any images related to the application cannot be matched.
  • The matching script will run at 8 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 30 to support offices working over the weekend. This will match existing records only; no files are received from the vendors on the weekend.
  • List of issues: Details & Status

Thursday, 10/28/2010

  • ITS is testing new conversion software that may help alleviate conversion problems such as blank/black pages and other issues ITS is manually fixing.
  • ITS is working on getting offices a list of outstanding un-processed imaged documents. Very few CommonApp documents have not made it into the Imaging system. The majority of the issues are with CollegeNet images.
  • ITS will find out what time the imaging process will run over the weekend for offices that plan to work overtime.
  • List of issues: Details & Status

Wednesday, 10/27/2010

  • Continue to send in Help Desk incidents regarding missing images, black and blank pages, and other issues you encounter with Admissions application processing.
  • New software is being investigated by ITS, which will eliminate some of the conversion issues.
  • The group agreed to continue conference calls through next week. Times and phone numbers will follow.
  • List of issues: Details & Status

Tuesday, 10/26/2010

  • Conversion issue of black and blank pages continue to be reported to the ITS Help Desk, which helps ITS with issue identification. Admitting offices were reminded to download the Image file themselves to avoid delays in processing as communicated on 10/18/10.
  • List of issues: Details & Status

Monday, 10/25/2010

  • Mike Easter gave an update on existing conversion issues. Note that incident information has been added to the List of issues: Details & Status.
  • ITS will review the image processing timeline to determine why a large number of files are processing after 4 p.m. and if that can be adjusted.

Friday, 10/22/2010

  • ITS Help Desk incidents are being closed as they are resolved, starting today. The person who submitted the incident should expect to be notified by ITS about the resolution. Note that incident information has been added to the list of issues.

  • ITS is investigating a situation in which some recommender and transcript images are being sent by CollegeNet, but data for the images is not. ITS is indexing the files manually while researching the problem.

  • Applicant records with “zzz” errors were discussed again (see 10/21/10 notes below for original discussion). Applicants can have multiple transcripts and other associated imaged documents, so offices need to make sure they are matching the correct files when manually processing the files.

  • List of Issues : Details and Status

Thursday, 10/21/10

  • Mark Nelson reviewed the existing Imaging issues and ITS resolution efforts. Please see the chart below for this detailed information.

  • ITS restated its commitment to resolving the Imaging issues in a timely manner. Additional staff has been allocated to looking at conversion errors that are routed to error reports. A second reconciliation team is resolving missing images.

  • Application records with "zzz" errors were discussed. These errors should be handled in the standard manner by manually entering the External Org information. This error is referenced under Step 4: View Web Applicant Reports in the Web Applicant Load Process – Reference Document available in My LINC. In addition, admitting offices need to manually process the associated imaged documents.

  • ITS requests that staff continue to report all incidents of missing and corrupt files to the ITS Help Desk. Staff should begin seeing responses to previously submitted incidents soon.

  • An issue with Imaged files at Rackham was discussed. These issues have to do with the vendor converting images to PDF.

  • List of Issues : Details and Status


For Assistance:

Please continue to file ITS Help Desk incidents to report all imaging problems. Include:

  • Applicant’s UMID
  • Document type
  • Name of your admitting office.

These incidents are tracked, which helps us permanently resolve the issues.

734-764-4357 (4-HELP), option 4
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