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General Information

All University of Michigan departments are eligible to use the centralized document imaging system.

Exception: According to the University's site license, ImageNow cannot be used to capture any patient billing, patient records, or clinical-related documents from the University Health System.

Obtaining Access to ImageNow or WebNow

To obtain access to ImageNow or WebNow, you need to submit an access request via the Online Access Request System (OARS).

All requests must be authorized by the Unit Liaison or an authorized signer for your unit. To learn who is authorized to sign access requests for your unit, enter your uniqname on the Unit Liaison/Alternate Signer Database.

Your ImageNow and WebNow Password

To access ImageNow and WebNow, you will enter your uniqname as your user name, while your ImageNow/WebNow password is your UMICH (Kerberos) password. If you don't have a UMICH password, it is easy to obtain. For assistance, contact the Accounts Office.

Getting Started With ImageNow

The ImageNow application enables you to scan printed documents and store them as electronic documents in a secure online environment. As an alternative, Document Imaging Services can scan your documents for you. After being scanned by you or by Document Imaging Services, the electronic versions of these documents are available through WebNow, the viewing component of the U-M centralized imaging service.

If your unit is interested in document imaging services, complete the Request for Imaging Services Form. This form is a starting point for prospective users who want to obtain document imaging services and for current users who want to expand the scope of their imaging operations. It will help you define your imaging needs, and the information you provide will help Document Imaging Services develop an implementation plan and a schedule and cost estimate for the services you are requesting.

Use the resources in the ImageNow and WebNow subcategory in My LINC to learn about ImageNow and WebNow.

ImageNow Hardware and Software Requirements

Refer to Hardware & Software Requirements for ImageNow system requirements.

Getting Started With WebNow

The WebNow application enables you to view electronic documents that have been created with ImageNow. WebNow is accessible on Wolverine Access - University Business. Use your uniqname and UMICH (Kerberos) password to log into WebNow. Notes:

  • WebNow does not allow multiple login sessions. You can only log in to WebNow for a single session on a single computer.
  • To log out of WebNow, click the WebNow Disconnect button.
  • Clicking the X button in the top right corner of the browser only closes the browser window. Your WebNow session remains open behind the scenes. This will result in the "Multiple logins not allowed" error message the next time you attempt to log in.

Use the resources in the ImageNow and WebNow subcategory in My LINC to learn about ImageNow and WebNow.

WebNow Hardware and Software Requirements

To use WebNow, you must have Java installed on your computer. For specific hardware and software requirments, go to the WebNow section on the ImageNow Software Upgrade Information page. If you have administrative rights on your computer, the Java plug-in will automatically install the first time you log into WebNow via Wolverine Access. If your unit does not permit you to install software on your computer, your desktop support staff will need to install the appropriate Java plug-in for your computer before you can access WebNow. You can download the Java plug-ins from the following Web sites:

WebNow requires a high-speed Internet connection. It does not support dial-up connections.

For More Information

If you would like more information about Document Imaging Services, please send an e-mail to