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HTML Targeted E-mails

We now offer HTML targeted e-mails. Please email any code/files or questions to:

There are a few issues we would like you to be aware of:

  • We do not support HTML code programming.
    • The requestor will be expected to provide us with code, as well as any changes if necessary, or a Microsoft Word document containing the layout and any embedded images.
    • Embedding images slows the send time. We recommend linking to images rather than embedding them.
  • Not everyone at the University can correctly receive HTML messages.
    • We recommend either including a plain text version of the e-mail or a plain text website reference in addition to the HTML message (for example, “This is an HTML email, if you cannot read this, please click”).  Anyone who cannot receive the HTML version would then still receive this plain text version.
    • For individual recipients that are having issues receiving HTML emails, we would recommend that they:
      • work with their email administrators on any HTML problems unique to their mail system/client