Access and Compliance
Access and Compliance Form
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MAIS Access Services cannot grant you access to UM administrative systems without having your signed Administrative Data Access and Compliance Form on file.  Please verify whether or not you already have a signed form on file by doing the following: 

  1. Click and then click the View ID Request Status link.
  2. Enter your uniqname in the Display Access Requests search box.  If there is a form on file as indicated by the green letters in the graphic below, proceed to the course evaluation on the next page.   If there is no form on file, follow the instructions below to retrieve and submit it to MAIS Access Services.


Retrieve and Submit the Access and Compliance Form

  1. Retrieve the Access and Compliance Form.
  2. Print the form.
  3. Read the form in its entirety.
  4. Sign the form.
  5. Fax the form to MAIS Access Services. The fax number is on the form.

Note: If you are following the alternate electronic Access & Compliance process that is used for certain roles, you do not need to print, sign, and fax the form to MAIS.  You will submit your agreement electronically.