Access and Compliance
Capabilities and Consequences
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The scenario involving Linda is one that could conceivably occur at the university. Although Linda's administrative systems access enables her to look up salary data to do her job, she was doing it for the wrong purpose. 

Like Linda, every administrative data user plays a key role in ensuring that the university meets its data access and compliance obligations. U-M administrative systems provide you with exceptional capabilities to manage and access university data. Data can be made available to a large number of users who “need to know” specific data to do their jobs. This data is a valuable institutional resource and contains both personal and confidential information about individuals associated with the university. There is potential for great efficiency when the system is used appropriately. When used inappropriately, great harm can result which can have negative consequences for:

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There is a lot at stake for everyone who is responsible for accessing and handling administrative data. This course provides the information you will need to successfully adhere to the university’s access and compliance requirements.