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Viewing simulations

Navigating an eLearning course

eLearning course tips

Help Desk contact information

Viewing Simulations

This course may contain simulations of the system environment. Some simulations require the RapidPlayer plug-in and some require the Flash Player plug-in. To run all of the simulations, Windows users must have the RapidPlayer plug-in and the Adobe Flash Player plug-in installed on their computer. (Note: Mac users do not need to install these plug-ins.) Please follow the steps below before continuing with this course.

RapidPlayer Plug-in

Click here to confirm that the RapidPlayer plug-in is installed on your computer.

  • If the "RapidPlayer plug-in is installed" message appears, you can begin the e-learning course.
  • If the simulation does not open, the RapidPlayer plug-in is not installed on your computer.
    Internet Explorer 6.0 and 7.0 users: Download and install RapidPlayer 5 plug-in
    Installation takes only a minute or two.
    Note: If you are unable to install the plug-in or need assistance, contact your desktop computer administrator.

Adobe Flash Player Plug-in

Adobe Flash Player plug-in version 7 or greater is required to run certain simulations.
Note: If you need to install the plug-in or need assistance, contact your desktop computer administrator.

If you have questions about running simulations, contact:

Information and Technology Services Help Desk:
734.764.HELP (4357)

Navigating an eLearning Course

All My LINC eLearning courses have the same basic layout.

My LINC eLearning Course



The course content appears in the center of the screen. Throughout the course you will see hyperlinks, which launch glossary definitions, documents, or simulations. For a description of deliverables you might find in an eLearning course click here.


A Table of Contents is available on the left side of each page to help you identify where you are in the course. You can use it to navigate directly to a specific topic by clicking on the topic of your choice. To expand or collapse the items contained in each module, click the icon to the left of each module title.


Additional navigation features are available at the top and bottom of each page.



Click the Help button to find help information on eLearning courses.

Click the Progress button to go to a page displaying how far you are in the course.

Click the Glossary button to view a list of terms and definitions used in this course.

Click the Next button to move to the next page.

Click the Back button to return to the previous page.

Click the Exit button to stop the course. You can always start the course again from the place where you exited.
Note: eLearning courses that you have partially completed appear on the left side of your My LINC Home page as In Progress Training. To return to the course, simply click the green arrow next to the course name.







PROMPT TEXT   Prompt Text is included in the lower-right corner to assist you as you move from topic to topic.

eLearning Course Tips

Listed below are a few tips to consider while taking an eLearning course:

  • For optimal viewing of My LINC eLearning courses, we recommend that you set your screen display to 1024 x 780.
  • If you are unable to open an eLearning course, turn off the pop-up blocker in your browser.
  • Confirm Adobe Acrobat Reader version 5.0 to 6.0 is on your workstation. You'll need this version of Adobe Acrobat to access documents that may be included in the eLearning course.
  • You must complete every page in an eLearning course for My LINC to track your course progress as 100% complete. To complete a course properly, click Next on the last page of the course and select OK in the dialog box that appears.

My LINC Frequently Asked Questions provides additional resolutions to common issues that you may encounter while taking an eLearning course.

Help Desk Contact Information

Information and Technology Services Help Desk
734.764.HELP (4357)