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MAIS Home System Access M1 Forms A.1 Instructions

Completing Form A.1 "Request for System Access"

The explanations that follow will help you complete form A.1 "Request for System Access"

Multiple Request: Check this box if you are requesting access or changes to access for more than one person. Complete page one of the Request for System Access form, and attach a completed page two and any required authorizations for each person.

Provide Department Information: Provide your name, phone number, department, and address. For Department Technology Support, provide the name and phone number of your department's computing support person or someone familiar with your department's computing environment.

Authorization: Complete this section and obtain the signature of an authorized individual within the requesting department.

Indicate Type of Request

  • If access is to be reassigned to another person or if a current user's name has changed, check the Reassign or Change Name box, and provide the previous name and the new name along with the userID.
  • To add or delete access to systems or data for an existing userID, check the Change Access box and provide the user's name and userID.
  • To request creation of a new userID, check the Create New userID box and provide the user's name, department, organization code, and phone number.
  • If access for a userID is to be discontinued and not reassigned to another person, check the Delete userID box, provide the name and userID of the person to whom it was issued, and return the SecurID card assigned to that userID.

Indicate Access Additions and Deletions

  • Write an "A" on the line after the system or data description to add access. (Note: An asterisk (*) preceding the line indicates that additional authorization is required from another U-M office. (See "Completing the Authorization Forms" below for more details.)
  • Write a "D" on the line after the system or data description to delete access.
  • If the required system or data is not listed, print its name next to "Other" and write "A" or "D" on the line. 

Submit Completed Package: Send each completed "Request for System Access" form along with all required authorization forms (completed and approved) to:

1011 Administrative Services Building

MAIS will process your request upon receipt of your completed access package (request form and any required, pre-approved authorizations) within five to seven days.

Requests without supporting authorization (as needed) will be returned to the requester.

Completing the Authorization Forms

Obtaining access to systems or data that are marked with an asterisk requires specific authorization from other University offices. Use the following procedure to request access to these resources.

  1. Complete the appropriate Authorization forms.
  2. Send each Authorization form to the authorizing department at the address provided on the form. The authorizing department will complete the shaded portion of the form and return it to you.
  3. Attach all approved Authorization forms to the "Request for System Access" form (A.1), and send them to Access (see above). Do not send Authorization forms separately, unless you are not required to submit a "Request for System Access" form (A.1).
    Note: If the person for whom you are requesting authorization already has a userID, you do not need to submit another "Request for System Access" form (A.1).